Rockaway Bitch is a New York based all female tribute to punk icons the Ramones. The band is comprised of four badass bitches who embody all of the punk scene attitude necessary to do the Ramones justice.  They are of the opinion that you do it right or you don’t do it at all. Their goal is not to “cover” the music of the Ramones, but to pay “tribute” to the music and the band. Since 2014 they have played for audiences full of Ramones diehards, many of which have shared stories of attending numerous Ramones shows and personal accounts of meeting the members.  Time and time again they are commended for the excellence they put forth as well as for keeping the music alive.  


Not only have they received approval from the Ramones family of fans, but they have also been given a nod by CJ Ramone, (Ramones bassist from 1989-1996), who shared their video rendition of  "Merry Christmas, I Don't Want To Fight Tonight" on his social media page and exclaimed “BAD ASS SISTERS”. Additionally, in June of 2016, Rockaway Bitch was asked to play at Queens Museum, in honor of the Hey Ho Let's Go, Ramones 40th Anniversary exhibit.  It was a great privilege for the band to perform as part of such a momentous event. During the performance Monte Melnick (Ramones Tour Manager) came on stage stating "I just wanna say, these girls are doing a great job, let’s have a big hand for them, yes! I’ve seen many Ramones shows, they’re doing a great job”.  And it’s with these blessings that the bitches vow to continue their mission, which is to bring the greatest punk rock music ever written back to the live stage where it is best experienced!


Band members are: Patti Ramone - Vocals, Jenny Ramone - Guitar, Cakey Ramone - Bass & background vocals, Tomi Ramone - Drums